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Ear Plugs: Foam, Wax, & Silicone Hearing Protection

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Earplugs 'R' Us: Best NRR Ear Plugs: Wax, Silicone, Flents, and Concert Earplugs

Decibel Chart

Noise Noise Level Recommended Earplugs
Swimming 55-60 dB Flents Seal Rite
Snoring 60-85 dB Flents Super Sleep
Factory 76-82 dB Flents Quiet Please
Mower 100 dB Flents Quiet Contour
Live Rock 112 dB Sounds Great!
Gunshot 140 dB Flent's Quiet Time

Protect yourself from noise-induced hearing loss and buy some ear plugs today! Ear plugs are an affordable way to protect your family's hearing.